the gallery

Galerie Klee was established in 1992 at Caine Road, showing and selling FINE ART. It organizes exhibitions, publishes art books, and has been a frequented spot of art-lovers, artists and designers.

Closed in 1998.

The gallery has reopened in April 2009. In addition to holding exhibitions and publishing books as in the old days, it houses a new component called “Yushihouse”, where people can relax in a quiet and artistic setting, refresh the mind, do some leisure reading, …

The resident artist is Joseph Lee. You can find a selection of his oil paintings here.

PRINTS of some of Joseph's paintings are available here for sale; below are examples of such prints on canvas:

Plum Forest plum forest -- print size:52x78cm
waterside by the waterside -- print size:52x52cm
snow at Stanley Park snow at Stanley Park -- print size:30x22cm

    99 Caine Road, Shop J, Hong Kong

    tel: 25463210

    e-mail: gro.eelkeirelag@ofni