oil paintings by Joseph Lee

2009.04.01 -- 2009.07.14

rain in lake
rolling fields
two waterlilies
houses at top
forest by river
winter mountains
crossing over
snow at Matsushima

coloured verses

2009.07.15 -- 2009.10.29


On empty mountains just after the rain

In the evening autumn begins to reign

Brilliant moon the pine forest shines over

On the pebbles rushes clear spring water

Bamboo trees stir when washing girls go home

Lotus leaves flutter as fishing boats come

Spring flowers for the moment please take rest

To stay with autumn here for me it’s best


Everyone says the South is beautiful,

The choice haven to settle forever.

Springtime water is as blue as the sky;

Sleep on a boat as you listen to rain.

At the tavern the girl is like the moon;

Her white, smooth hands resemble sparkling snow.

Stay away from the North while you are young,

Going home will only bring you sorrow.

UNSPOKEN BEAUTY – from CHING and his followers

2009.10.31 -- 2009.11.21

Wong Sau Ching is a renowned local artist, he is at the same time an excellent art educator. What is extraordinary, is that his followers do not follow him. Yet they get the most invaluable guidance and inspiration from him. This exhibition shows the work of Ching and his five followers. They are: Doris Law, Christine Lam, Hiroko Wilson, Rui-fang, Connie Ho.

Joseph Lee : figure paintings

2009.11.24 -- 2010.2.2

"Lee’s figure paintings and scenes from life can be altogether darker, bold experiments using areas of flat colour that are ‘naïve’ or even surreal in style and composition.” – UMAG


Wong Shou Ching – Tibetan scenes

2010.2.2 -- 2010.8.18

Wong Shou Ching loves outdoor drawing. These few years, he has become obsessed with the scenery of Western China, and, although he does suffer somewhat from altitude sickness, he has visited several times the mountainous regions of Tibet, Qinghai, and Xinjiang. He finds there simply an exposition of mountains and valleys, unveiling the immensity of Nature – the most powerful message from God. The people there are unpolluted and straightforward, in essence becoming one with Nature. This must be Shangri-la in Shou Ching’s heart. Returning from Tibet, he has continually poured out what he saw and felt on paper and silk. The seven “Tibetan scenes” exhibited here are the latest of these works. The objects depicted are at the same time like, and yet unlike, the real world. A painting is finished, yet ideas are far-reaching. The paintings have lively uncovered the simplicity, mysteriousness and rhythm of Tibet. They are at once Chinese and western, modern and classical.


“Clouds Ramble, Rain Is Brought Forth” ART CONTEST : WINNERS exhibition

2010.8.19 -- 2010.9.22

Clouds move swiftly, in a moment rain pours down. Farmers can then cultivate their land, which brings harvest. Rain is a gift from Heaven, a blessing bestowed by Nature. If we truly respect Nature, become simple and modest in our way of living, we can lead a peaceful and happy life, and our future generations can also heartily enjoy the resources of our earth.

Most contestants understand and are able to bring out the theme. They paint the ideal world in their imagination, at one with nature, with simple but rich conceptions.


winner, open group

above my sky

winner, secondary students group

Photographing HK Countryside

2011.3.24 -- 2010.4.30

a photography exhibiton, showing works of the Hong Kong countryside shared by participants at a sharing sesssion held on 12 March

particpating photographers:

Eddie Cheung Photography Exhibition : THE GALAXY and THE BUDDING RED

2011.6.25 – 2011.7.23

Galerie Klee is proud to hold a photography exhibition of the Hong Kong artist Eddie CHEUNG. Eddie has long devoted himself to art, participated in the Hong Kong Visual Art Society Annual Exhibitions and with works twice selected in the Contemporary Hong Kong Art Biennial Exhibition. He loves nature, and hence becomes a true friend of our gallery. In 2009 he began interested in digital photography, focusing on local flora and attempting to present these in the form of a painting, sometimes oil-rich, sometimes watercolour-fluid. In the coming exhibition, Eddie has a new undertaking: In each of the some 20 exhibits, he juxtaposes together what he sees as a galaxy and a beauty in the most intriguing way.


the beauty of drawn thread embroidery -- exhibition & guided tour of drawn thread embroidery pieces

2011.12.3 - 2011.12.17

Drawn Thread Embroidery from Europe was brought to China by Christian missionaries at the end of the 19th century. The art then fused together with the native embroidery in China, resulting in a rebirth of the craft, with new designs created and techniques developed. Embroidery from China is now in great demand in different parts of the world. Its products, be they embroidered handkerchiefs, table cloths or bed sheets, can be very elegant and refined.

Mr. Micheal Sze, who has over 30 years of experience in the embroidery industry exhibits his collection, and explains the history and handwork process behind pieces and pieces of beautiful yet mysterious embroidery.


Eddie Cheung Photography Exhibition : SCRIBBLING BAMBOO, PERCEIVING CHINA

2012.8.11 – 2011.9.1

Eddie puts together two photographs side by side: one is a bamboo, the other a piece of porcelain. The bamboo is a close-up, with detailed colour and texture; while the porcelain china is an imaginary one, created by integrating different aspects of nature.

An interesting art!


WONG SAU CHING and JOSEPH LEE : a joint exhibition

2012.9.9 – 2011.10.15

Wong Sau Ching, usually known as CHING, will reveal to us his old and new little pieces. They are hearty and delighting.

Joseph has been painting leaves lately. He begins with leaves and ends up with forms that seem otherworldly. -- leaves and not-leaves.

Yufu painting

BIRTH and REBIRTH, paintings by Yufu Hirata

2013.2.17 – 2013.3.7

Yufu Hirata, a Japanese artist who turns her life into heaps of colours: her observations, memories, reflections, ... She expresses these experiences, feelings and thoughts in pure light and colour, whereby she “investigates a state, and adds a colour”. Obsessed by jigsaw puzzle as a child, Yufu views painting as an extension of her childhood memories. By putting coloured pieces together one by one, an abstract painting is born, allowing us to see the inner and real self of Yufu.

Her paintings reveal a world of dreams and images brought forth from a small child. You seem, via her juxtaposed slabs of bright and dark colours, to go into serene landscapes, to meet fascinating people...all through the impressions and recollections of Yufu. Turning fragments of her life into a unifying whole, Yufu tries to see all things, living and non-living, mountain and sea, time and space, as interconnected and One. Yufu was born in Fukuoka, now lives in Yokohama. 11 of her recent paintings are shown in this exhibition.


Barbarian 2013

organizer: CHEUNG MAN LING

2013.3.15 – 2013.3.18

A group of Barbarians living in this "civilized" world, expressing their passion for living and aspiration for freedom through their drawings.


Bauhinia in Black – Eddie Cheung Photography

2013.10.5 – 2013.10.22

Subsequent to the more colorful works in “The galaxy and the budding red” (2011) and “Scribbling bamboo and perceiving china” (2012), Eddie Cheung would bring to the audience his monochrome pictures this year. Through the commonly planted Bauhinia, the beauty of nature is showcased in a fairly abstract approach. The Bauhinia trees exhibit lavishly grown leaves and branches. The heart shape leaves, either fully or partly opened as they grow, and the lobed leaves and chaotic branches, together with the dangling fruit pods, create interesting forms and patterns when viewed at different angles. With the diffusion of sun light these create wonderful and intricate compositions in the imagination of the photographer. The natural forms and identity of the leaves, branches and pods, no matter whether they are clustered or sparsely separated, become blurred and confused and develop into strange and interesting abstract images.

the early works of JOSEPH LEE

2014.5.10 – 2014.6.28

a small exhibition of Joseph's earlier works to go with the talk "The ART of JOSEPH LEE (1)" by Gwen Wong. This is how Joseph described himself:

In 1989, a critic wrote this of Joseph: "Amidst the bold lines and colors, we can see a refined and unclouded mind. His techniques remind one of Van Gogh and Goya's, but the soul of his elegant work is substantially oriental." See for yourself whether his early works give you an impression of the East.

spring Snow

spring snow  1989  50x71cm  acrylic

old house

old house   1989  50x71cm  acrylic

MARTINA PIPPRICH : her ballet photographs

2014.7.9 – 2014.8.19

Martina Pipprich (born 1956) is our old German friend. She held a photography exhibition “the intimate & the exotic” in 1999 at the gallery, on her first visit to Hong Kong. At that time she found the bustling life here both intimate and exotic. She also published a book “Hong Kong” recording her impressions of Hong Kong and Macau.

Martina is a professional photographer, with great expertise on theory, practice and technique. Since 2003, she has been engaged in theatre photography in various cities of Germany and Switzerland. This exhibition shows ten of her “ballet photos”. Originally they are of the very large 120 x 160 cm size, but for ease of transportation and handling, they are reduced to 60 x 90.

“The photos were all taken at a very special moment -- a point in time when the substance of the play and my inner voice resonate. At the moment when I press the shutter, the picture becomes a part of myself. It is my view, my opinion, my feelings.” -- Martina


      Sinfonie   Düsseldorf 2009    


  Memory of a Shape   Mainz 2009  

JOSEPH LEE : his paintings in the 90's

2014.8.22 – 2014.10.14

This exhibtion goes with the talk given by Gwendolyn Wong on Joseph's paintings in the 90's.

Frequent travels abroad broadened his vision and made him think deeply. He tried hard to quest after meaning and truth.

This is what Joanne Ng wrote of him: "I cannot find in his motifs any trace of his appreciation for this great metropolitan city. In his collection FIRST TEN YEARS there are only two paintings depicting Hong Kong."

“Joseph manifiests the most basic colours of Nature -- the most primitive, spontaneous impression of Nature. These colours and the beauty they reveal cannot be found in the vibrant neon lights or the glaring fireworks of Hong Kong.”


            the heath   1996     


          the pillars   1996  

the art of JOSEPH LEE (3)

2014.11.14 – 2015.1.6

This exhibtion goes with the talk given by Gwendolyn Wong on Joseph's recent paintings.

Joseph dedicates himself more and more to Nature. He regards Man as just a tiny inhabitant of the Universe, leaving not much trace in the course of Time. His recent paintings reveal much his mind./p>

three trees

    landscape   2011  


    leaves on the ground   2008     


Sandbank Universe – Eddie Cheung Photography

2015.2.7 – 2015.2.27

These photos were taken during ebb tides at sea shores. Interesting and ever changing unusual landscape patterns were formed on the sand while water was receding from the shore. Water around the sand reflected the strong sun light at varying angles. In the photographer’s eye, the interaction of light, shadow, patterns, sand and water all constitute mysterious and perhaps unexplored heavenly images. William Blake: "To see a World in a Grain of Sand, And a Heaven in a Wild Flower;"

Siu Bo

drawing contest

2015.3.13 – 2015.3.15


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