Yushihouse is a “resthouse”. Those who come here will find themselves in a tranquil and artistic setting, have their mind freshened, do some leisure reading, distance themselves from the maddening crowd.

Our society gives us very wrong signals. It tells us that we are born to be selfish without considering for others, that we should look for money and nothing else, that leading a luxurious life is our only dream, that it is natural to aim for quick success. We are bombarded by incessant vulgar sounds and images, all to arouse our desire to consume goods most of which we do not really need.

Deep in our hearts we know that there are much more than material comfort and sensual pleasure. We can, by leading a simple and yet colourful life, be a much more happy person and discover greater meaning in life. Yushihouse is therefore a little place where you can spend some moments of peace and quietude, refresh your mind, and set yourself free.

It is a place to stimulate independent thinking, to expose ourselves to different views, unusual people, uncommon activities. By “uncommon” and “unusual”, we mean people and activities which are somewhat off our everyday routine experience. We shall be able to open our eyes wider, broaden our outlook, see the world from more angles, appreciate more what is beautiful, and become more interested in things not so mundane.

We hope to organize activities that can promote a more interesting and dignified way of life, including reading, AV, recitation, talks, discussions, performance, classes, …

"Yushihouse at Caine" has a twin sister "Yushihouse on the web".

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    99 Caine Road, Shop J, Hong Kong

    tel: 25463210

    e-mail: gro.eelkeirelag@ofni